Our Mission

To nurture at-risk children with love, encouragement, and educational assistance, by providing role models who will help them gain the academic and life skills necessary for them to reach their full potential.

A Proud History

Anita Stroud was born in 1899 in a tenant farmer's shack near Chester, SC. She never knew her parents. Never really wanting to be anybody, as a child she was cared for by the various tenant women. By age seven, she was working in the fields, or doing chores in the big house. In her misery, she would often fantasize of growing up and, one day, buying a large farm with a big house. She would bring all the unwanted children in, where they would be warm and enjoy eating chicken and brown gravy.

When she was nearly 20 years old, Miss Stroud moved to Charlotte NC where she earned a living by doing housework and caring for children.

A Welcoming Center for Children

Anita Stroud's apartment, in the Fairview Homes neighborhood, became a welcoming center for children. In her home, they found love, acceptance, and stability. She shared stories about Biblical heroes, while encouraging them to develop their own abilities and to believe that one day they could "be Somebody". Affectionately know to the children as "Miss Neet", her selfless love and encouragement freed them from aimlessness, temptation, and danger.

Anita's Ministry to Children Expands

From her small, yet humble, beginnings Anita Stroud's ministry continued grow over the next 50 years. For her service, she received national recognition and numerous awards, including an honorary doctorate from UNCC. In 1984, she died having spent her life building a ministry of love and inspiration.

Ethel Guest, a former Charlotte Mecklenburg school teacher and volunteer for 26 years, carried the baton from 1982-1990, as she directed the center's tutorial program and innovative work. During Guest's tenure, the center moved from its original trailer to renovated apartments in the Fairview Homes neighborhood.

Over the years the Anita Stroud Foundation has continued its ministry in helping children reach their full potential. We are located in the Ivory Baker Recreational Center, just minutes from uptown Charlotte.

A Non-Profit Ministry

The Anita Stroud Foundation is a 501-C-3, non-profit foundation, formed in 1974 to relieve Miss Stroud of the burdens of fund raising and to ensure that her work would continue. The Foundation has continued these objectives under the chairmanships of J.E.B. Stuart, Allan King, Michael Schreibman, Pete Cunningham, and Timothy Mills. We are a community based organization, with an independent board, budget, and staff.

Board of Directors

Timothy Mills, Chairman

Michael Schreibman, Vice Chairman

Fran Farrer-Nash, Secretary

Allan Oxman, Assistant Treasurer

Darrel Williams

Nancy P. Stroud

Geraldine Powe, Late Director

W. Pete Cunningham, Late Chairman

"Miss Neet" picks out Christmas

gifts for her children, in 1965. 

Public housing in the Fairview Homes neighborhood, circa 1940's.

Students from The Anita Stroud

Foundation enjoy a Christmas

party at the Excelsior, in 1968.